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独立的聊天、桌面共享和会议呼叫应用程序是否会减缓您的工作流程? 你想要使用更容易使用的通讯工具,前提hga010电脑版网址吗? Connect your whole team for better business.

你的员工、客户和潜在客户可以更有效地实时沟通. 无论距离,工作流程和业务关系可以与ShoreTel Premises无缝衔接. Collaboration unifies daily with communication tools:

File sharing

流动性 integration

通过集成智能手机,在为IT员工提供所需控制的同时,确保您的异地和移动员工拥有他们所需的灵活性和连接性, tablets and wearable devices.

ShoreTel 流动性使任何规模的企业能够安全地将他们团队的智能手机和平板电脑与他们现有的hga010电脑版网址相结合, simply and cost-effectively. 员工可以自带设备(自带设备),在全球任何地方都可以保持联系, on any network — 无线网络, 3G/4G,或蜂窝网络——所有这些都要把商务电话和私人电话分开.

Advanced applications

By integrating your core business applications with your organization’s communication system -统一通信(前提hga010电脑版网址)成为现实. The result is a more efficient and profitable enterprise, 增加通信平台和客户现有业务应用程序的投资回报.

Increase employee productivity
Shorten response time
Improve customer satisfaction
Encourage collaboration


When do I need to upgrade to Mitel Connect?

Mitel has announced the end of life for ShoreTel 14.2 in September 2020. 你应该在2020年9月之前升级ShoreTel/Mitel系统.

我是否需要一个当前的Mitelhga010电脑版网址合同来升级到Mitel Connect?

获得许可证升级到Mitel Connect的唯一方法是拥有一个当前的Mitelhga010电脑版网址合同.

我需要支付许可证升级到Mitel Connect吗

只要您在当前的Mitelhga010电脑版网址合同下,并且您的许可证符合Mitel Connect的升级是免费包含在您的Mitelhga010电脑版网址合同中.

Is my ShoreTel hardware supported by Mitel Connect?

大多数,但不是所有的ShoreTel硬件hga010电脑版网址Mitel Connect. 以下交换机为2017年12月31日结束使用,不hga010电脑版网址Mitel Connect. 如果您的系统当前包含任何这些交换机,您将需要在升级之前替换它们. 这些开关约占目前现场开关的5%.

Mitel Connect不hga010电脑版网址以下Mitel开关:

  • SG40
  • SG60
  • SG120
  • SG-T1 (the model SG-T1K, however, is hga010电脑版网址ed)
  • SG-E1

我是否需要升级我的Windows Server版本以hga010电脑版网址Mitel Connect?

Mitel Connect runs on Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016.

ShoreTel SBE服务器(小型商业版服务器)hga010电脑版网址连接吗?

We do not recommend trying to upgrade SBE Servers. 相反,我们建议您迁移您的SBE服务器到物理或VMware服务器.

Does Mitel Connect hga010电脑版网址 VMware and HyperV?

Mitel Connect Servers can run on VMware and HyperV

Mitel Connecthga010电脑版网址哪些Microsoft服务器版本?

在Microsoft Server 2008到Microsoft Server 2016上运行的服务器hga010电脑版网址Mitel Connect

Should I upgrade my Windows 2008 Server for Connect?

不需要升级Windows 2008 Server来运行Mitel Connect. However, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 2008. This means they are not publishing security updates. 因此,在Windows Server 2008上运行Mitel Connect Server可能会暴露你的网络. 因此,我们建议将服务器迁移到Windows server 2012或2016.

我可以将ShoreTel系统直接从Windows 2008服务器迁移到Windows 2016服务器吗?

No, 从Windows 2008 Server到Windows 2012“在路上”有必要做一个“停止”. 从这方面来说,从Windows 2008升级到Windows 2016服务器很像两次升级——从Windows 2008升级到Windows 2012,再从Windows 2012升级到Windows 2016.

Mitel Connect是否hga010电脑版网址实际的Mitel协作设备?

是的,Mitel Connecthga010电脑版网址协作设备

Mitel Connect是否hga010电脑版网址实际的Mitel移动设备?

Yes, the 流动性 Appliance is supported by Mitel Connect



Will the Edge Gateway Work on ShoreTel version 14.2?

ShoreTel 14.2 software has been out of support since September 2020. Moreover, the 14.2 software will not work with the Edge Gateway. Mitel Edge网关需要在您的系统上安装Mitel Connect软件.

What are the server requirements for the Mitel Edge Gateway?

The Server must run VMware. It does NOT require a Microsoft licenses. 服务器必须有两个网卡(一个将插入LAN,另一个插入DMZ或LAN之外). 您将需要3个静态IP的ISP和通配符SSL证书.

Can I use any desktop phone with the Mitel Edge Gateway?

You cannot use any desktop phone with the Mitel Edge Gateway. Only Mitel “400 Series” phones will work. This includes the Models 420, 480, 485, 420g, 480g and 485g. “g”模型和“非g”模型之间的区别是“g”模型hga010电脑版网址千兆比特.

Can I log onto the Mitel Edge Gateway using a Mac or PC?

您可以通过Mac或PC上的Mitel客户端登录Mitel. 记住,你需要一些USB或蓝牙耳机来在你的Mac或PC上说话.

Do I need a special Mitel license bundle to work remotely?

您需要一个Mitel许可证包,其中包括“远程许可证”。. 礼貌、电话和基本许可不包括“远程许可”. 但是,“高级许可”包确实包括“远程许可”. 如果您没有正确的许可证,请联系InPath的技术人员,或发送电子邮件至


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